3 Reasons Why You Need To Have Your Tires Balanced

If you have noticed your car shaking whenever you drive at high speeds, you may suspect that one or more of your tires is not properly balanced. If so, you should seriously consider having them balanced, as soon as possible, for the reasons discussed below.

Tires Wear Down Faster

When a tire is not balanced, its rubber will not be able to fully make contact with the road. The weight of the vehicle will bear down on the one side that comes into contact with the pavement, increasing the friction on the rubber, and making it wear down faster.

If one part of the tire wears down before the rest of the rubber, you run the risk of having it blow out, while you are driving. Even if you notice the extra wear before this happens, you will wind up spending more money to replace the tire, before the normal time frame.

Vibrations Can Damage Your Suspension

Another problem that can present itself when your tires are unbalanced is the constant vibrations they cause. Especially when you are driving down the highway at high speeds, you may notice the steering wheel, or even the entire car, vibrating.

Because the tires are not balanced, they will wobble. This wobbling becomes more noticeable as the tires rotate at a faster rate, creating vibrations that travel from the tires, through your car's suspension, and up into your steering wheel, where you can feel them the most.

These constant vibrations will eventually put a strain on your car's suspension and steering mechanisms. If you continue to drive on unbalanced tires, either one of these systems could have components come loose or break apart. Not only would you run the risk of having your suspension or steering go out while driving, but you may be faced with a hefty repair bill.

Unbalanced Tires Decrease Your Car's Fuel Efficiency

Along with noticing the constant vibrations, you may have also found you are having to visit the gas pump more often. If your tires are not balanced, they can significantly decrease your car's fuel efficiency.

Because only parts of the tires are making contact with the road, the uneven friction can create a slight drag. This drag can make your car work harder, increasing its gas consumption and decreasing your normal miles per gallon. 

If you suspect that your tires may be unbalanced, you should have a professional check them out, before you cause damage to the tires or your vehicle. Take your car to an automotive shop that offers tire balancing services, to have them test the tires, and balance them, if needed.

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