3 Ways To Save On Collision Repair

If you are paying for some of the collision repair to your vehicle out of pocket, you are going to want to find ways to save on that repair. In order to save some money on your collision repair, you need to be wiling to look over the estimates closely and put on your negotiation hat.

The Source of Parts

One of the biggest ways to save when you are getting your vehicle repaired is to look at what type of parts are being used to fix up your vehicle. If the auto shop is using all brand-new, OEM parts, you have a lot of room to save some money.

Brand-new OEM parts are going to be the most expensive parts option. OEM parts are made to mimic and look exactly like the original parts on your vehicle.

You can save a lot of money by selecting used parts for the auto body. Parts can be sourced from a junk or scrap yard instead. You can also look into aftermarket parts options for your vehicle as well.

Looking into used and aftermarket parts can really help lower the overall cost of fixing up your vehicle.

The Type of Dent Repair

The two major types of dent repair are paintless dent repair and paint dent repair. With paintless dent repair, the dent is pulled out and fixed without the need to repaint your vehicle. This is a huge cost savings.

Painting your vehicle is a really labor-intensive process. First, the body shop has to sand off the paint on your vehicle. Then they have to fix and repair the dent. After that, they have to protect and prepare your vehicle for new paint, which can involve removing components from the inside of your vehicle and covering up various components. After that, your vehicle has to be primed and painted, both processes which can require more than one coat.

Auto body repairs that require your vehicle to be repainted add numerous labor hours to your bill.

Paintless dent repair is not always possible, but you should explore this possibility with your auto body shop to reduce the collision repair bill. Be sure to ask about the source of all replacement parts, and see if more affordable and comparable alternative are available. If you are willing to go through your repair quote and ask more detailed questions about the process, you will be able to reduce your repair bill and save some money when working with an auto shop like Exoticar Paintworks Inc.