What Every Car Buyer Needs To Know About Flooded Vehicles On The Market

After Hurricane Sandy flooded the northeast, consumers were warned about the potential of flood damaged vehicles being sold on the market. With recent flooding alerts extending 800 miles from Texas to Missouri, people throughout the United States are watching news reports and seeing vehicles bobbing in strong currents of flood water. Because of this, you may need a refresher on what to look out for when buying a new vehicle.

How Trucking Companies And Manufacturers Are Increasing Fuel Efficiency In Semi Trucks

Semi trucks drive approximately 140 billion miles per year, transporting and delivering68 percent of all goods in the United States. The United States used over 39 million gallons of diesel fuel in 2011, so it is no wonder the EPA wants large truck manufacturers to improve gas mileage by 10 to 20 percent between 2014 and 2018. Here are several ways semi truck manufacturers and trucking companies are making changes to improve their semi truck's gas mileage.

3 Myths About Nitrogen-Filled Tires And The Truth Behind Them

If you consider yourself a car enthusiast, you've likely considered the option of nitrogen-filled tires at some point. Auto-shop attendants and other enthusiasts will be more than willing to offer you their opinion on this; however, there are a lot of myths prevalent that aren't quite true. Below are three of the most common myths regarding nitrogen-filled tires and the truth behind them: Nitrogen-filled Tires Hold Pressure for Longer One of the most widespread myths regarding nitrogen-filled tires is that they are much better at holding their pressure.

Should You Rent, Lease, Or Buy A Class B Recreational Vehicle?

If you've always dreamed of traveling around the country during retirement -- or simply want to take weekend camping trips with your family -- you may be considering adding a Class B recreational vehicle (RV) to your vehicle lineup. However, the decision whether to rent, lease, or buy can be a tough one. The right decision often depends upon your family's needs and planned usage of the vehicle. Read on to learn more about some of the advantages and drawbacks to renting, leasing, and purchasing Class B RVs, like those from Fretz RV.

Buying Your First Used Car? Use These Tips To Get The Best Deal!

Making the decision to purchase a used car is an economical way to get an affordable vehicle at a substantial savings over the cost of a brand new one. In addition, the costs involved in driving a used vehicle can also be much less than those associated with a new car due to lower car insurance premiums, and reduced amounts for personal property taxation assessments and state sales taxes, where applicable.